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E.FARM LTD E.FARM LTD              

Located in: Sofia, Sofia city district

1124 Sofia 1, N.V.Gogol Str., fl. 4, apt. 10

Tel: + 359 2 943 11 70; + 359 2 843 03 09

Fax: + 359 2 943 11 71

E-mail: office@efarm-bg.eu

Website: www.efarm-bg.eu

AgromachineryAgricultural MachineryFarm Machines
Agricultural ServicesLivestock breeding servicesLivestock Breeding Consulting
Agricultural Construction and EngineeringCattle Farms Construction


Formulation diets for optimum cost
Development of feeding systems
Advising for feed additive usage
Assistance in feed ingredient evaluation – nutrient analysis

Modern farm design and constructions
Modern equipment supply
Microclimate management systems
Manure handling systems

Implementation of QA system in farms, feed mills, meat pro-cessing plants and slaughter houses
Organization periodical audit according to the Quality management system exigencies

Organization of importation of superior livestock

Consulting for maintaining high health status
A.I. equipment for pigs
Veterinary appliances
Veterinary instruments
Farm equipment

Consulting services and research & development activities in animal nutrition and technologies of production, quality assessment of the feed, animal products and health status. Participation in the activity of certification of different companies according to international standards.

e.Farm Ltd. is an independent agricultural consulting company, founded in February 2001. The company is established by a group of agricultural and software experts, who during the period of 1992 – 2000 have organized the first consulting office for animal nutrition, the representation of Provimi – Netherland and called “Provimi Nutrition Consulting Office”, Bulgaria.

Now, the company is working in partnership with different European world famous companies like “OTTEVANGER Milling Engineers” – producer of feed plant and mills, “ALKE AGRO” – poultry equipment, “DE HEUS’ – feed producer “STEFOS BV” – storage systems for manure, from The Netherlands, “INTERBOVES” – supplier of superior livestock worldwide (cattle, sheep and goats) – from Germany “JSR – Germany pig genetics”, “PIGTEK Europe ”- pig equipment group, “VELTKAMP Insemination techniques” – A.I. consulting, training and provider of A.I equipment, “HESI” – recirculation systems for fish production.

e.Farm Ltd. has close relationships with different European institutions like the Institute for Animal Nutrition at the Agricultural Research Center in Braunschweig – Germany, the consulting company “Agroprodukt-Qualitatssicherungs” – Germany, the certifying companies IFTA – Germany and Bureau Veritas – France and etc.

Due to the more than 10 years’ experience as an independent company, now e.Farm Ltd. has a number of constant partners in the country, producers of compound feeds, feed additives, different in composition sunflower raw materials and also producers of meat, meat products, eggs, milk and etc

As transformation in Eastern Europe has started and with the integration to the European structures, new problems arise.

е.Farm through its partnership with European companies and contacts with foreign scientists provides modern information and know-how, organizing meetings and issuing materials. е.Farm aims to promote and support this integration through modern farming and feeding practices, efficient production, less environment pollutant production and respectively, production of safe feed and food.

The rapid pace of technical advance is impacting the way business is transacted. е.Farm is adapting to these changes by transferring expert knowledge on the area of animal feeding, feed production management, farming system engineering and farm management.

e.Farm Ltd. has five main reference points, which summarize the framework of activities:

Consulting in improvement the level and the quality of animal production (animal feed quality and nutrition, farming systems, health status, animal welfare, product safety, environmental impact of production and nutritional quality of final product). Assistance in introduction of modern breeds of animals in the country.
Process of certification Elaboration of complete documentation, application, training of specialists, consulting activity and participation in certification process of companies from the sectors of animal production, feed and food production, according to international standards for quality management: ISO 9001 – 2008 “Quality management Systems”, ISO 22 000 – 2005 “Food Safety Management Systems”, IFS “International Food Standard”, BRC “Global Standard for Food Safety”. This activity is performed with the co-operation of Bulgarian and foreign companies with international accreditation.
Research activities in the field of practical introduction of new concept in animal nutrition. е.Farm Ltd. has organized and conduct experiment work to determine the effect of NATSTIM imunomodulator (created by human doctors’ team) among pigs. E.farm conducts several experiments using different new feed products and new conceptions; technical specifications, field testing of prototypes; new product registration and standardization; following, updating and optimization of the feed product portfolio. Quality assessment and analysis of final product; analysis for undesirable ingredients relative to food quality, etc.
Organization and assistance for the working together between Bulgarian farms and European partners.
Training:е.Farm Ltd. Organize technical meetings, seminars and lectures with specialists from abroad and the country and farmers. Realize connections between partners and give up-to-date information. Translation (linguistic) assistance during contacts with foreign partners.

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