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GIMEL JSC GIMEL JSC              

Located in: Sofia, Sofia city district

21 Arsenalski Blvd., Sofia 1421, Bulgaria

Tel: +359 2 963 17 08; +359 2 865 42 50

E-mail: office@gimel.bg

Website: www.gimel.bg

Organic / Bio AgricultureOrganic / Bio Plant NutritionOrganic / Bio substances
Organic fertilizer / Biofertilizer
Organic / Bio Fruit-growing and OrchardingOrganic / Bio Cherries
Organic / Bio Grapefruit
Organic / Bio Mandarines
Organic / Bio Oranges
Organic / Bio Pumpkin
Organic / Bio Watermelons
Organic / Bio vegetablesOrganic / Bio Carrots
Organic / Bio Cucumbers
Organic / Bio Garlic
Organic / Bio Lettuce
Organic / Bio Onion
Organic / Bio Pepper
Organic / Bio Rukola
Organic / Bio Spinach
Organic / Bio Tomatos
Organic / Bio Zucchini
Organic / Bio Plant ProtectionBiocides / Bio Pesticides
Organic / Bio Grain productionOrganic / Bio Maize
Organic / Bio Grain LegumesOrganic / Bio Beans
Organic / Bio Root VegetablesOrganic / Bio Potatoes


Gimel Company was created in 1995. Today the Company is undisputed leader in the production of greenhouse cucumbers and tomatoes in Bulgaria. Gimel is a main supplier of organic greenhouse vegetables in Europe and one of the most desirable business partners in this field.

Gimel JSC has four greenhouse complexes with total covered area of 56 ha. Our facilities are situated in different regions of the country, namely: village of Zvanichevo (region of Pazardjik), town of Levski (region of Pleven) and town of Marten (region of Rousse).

Since 2001, the Company had started growing vegetables in its greenhouses according to the methods of ecological safety production. Packaging of organic products is done according to the European standards and quality requirements in a specially designed operation workshop.

The facilities of the company have the following certificates:
BCS Öko Garantie – organic production and packaging;
EUREPGAP – international certificate for demonstration good production practices;
ISO 22000:2005 - “Systems for food safety management – requirements to food chain”.

On the external market the ecologically safe vegetables “Gimel Organic” are offered in the shops of German companies - Rewe, METRO and EDEKA, also in the chains Marks & Spenser and Sainsbury’s in Great Britain and in the so called Healthy Shops in Holland and the Scandinavia countries.

On the Bulgarian market the biologically safe products of the company are sold under the registered trademark “Gimel Organic”. The company will assume the responsibility to monitor the safe passage of vegetables from the greenhouses to the tables of Bulgarian families.

Gimel JSC - Organic agricultural products by Gimel
Organic agricultural products by Gimel

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