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Agricultural Machinery

Agro plant and equipment

Plant Growing

Vegetable production


Grain legumes

Root vegetables

Oilseed crops

Fiber crops

Essential oil crops

Forage crops

Fruit-growing and orcharding

Vine growing / Viticulture

Mushroom picking

Herbs, Spices and Essential Oils

Grain production

Grain cereals and maize

Livestock breeding

Poultry farming


Silk culture

Fisheries and aquaculture

Game breeding

Animal breeding

Escargot / Snail farming

Seeds and planting materials

Vines and planting material

Grain cereals seeds production

Fruit and orchard seeds and planting materials production

Floriculture seeds and planting materials production

Vegetable seeds and planting materials production

Seeds and planting materials production

Tree planting materials production

Grain legumes seeds

Root vegetable seeds

Oilseed crop seeds production

Herbs and Spices seeds

Mushroom planting material

Organic / Bio Agriculture

Organic / Bio Herbs and Spices

Organic / Bio Plant Nutrition

Organic / Bio Fruit-growing and Orcharding

Organic / Bio Seeds and Planting Material

Organic / Bio vegetables

Organic / Bio Animal Nutrition

Organic / Bio Vine Growing / Viticulture

Organic / Bio Oilseed crops

Organic / Bio Fiber crops

Organic / Bio Plant Protection

Biological pollinators

Organic / Bio Livestock Breeding

Organic / Bio Grain production

Organic / Bio Grain Legumes

Organic / Bio Root Vegetables

Other Organic / Bio Products

Organic / Bio trees and bushes

Organic / Bio Poultry farming

Agricultural Services

Agricultural Construction and Engineering

Livestock breeding services

Grain Production Services

Plant Growing Services

Vine growing / Viticulture Services

Hygiene and pest control services

Floriculture services

Field work services

Organic / Bio Agriculture Services

Animal Nutrition

Feeds and fodder

Bio Concentrates


Fееd Supplements

Plant protection



Plant Nutrition

Fertilizers, Minerals and Chemicals

Agro Financing

Agricultural credits

European programs


Located in: Varna, Varna district

188 Chaika residential area

Tel: +359 887 363 976


Website: moqtavila.alle.bg

Seeds and planting materialsFloriculture seeds and planting materials productionFlower seeds
Fruit and orchard seeds and planting materials productionMelon seeds
Pumpkin seeds
Watermelon seeds
Vegetable seeds and planting materials productionBeetroot seeds
Broad beans seeds
Brussels sprouts seeds
Carrot seeds
Cauliflower seeds
Cucumber seeds
Dill seeds
Eggplant seeds
Green beans seeds
Green peas seeds
Headed cabbage seeds
Kohlrabi seeds
Leek seeds
Lettuce seeds
Onion seeds
Parsnip seeds
Pepper seeds
Radish seeds
Rukola seeds
Spinach seeds
Tomato seeds
Turnip seeds
Zucchini seeds
Agricultural ServicesFloriculture servicesConstruction of irrigation systems
Landscaping Services
Grain legumes seedsHaricot seeds
Herbs and Spices seedsBasil seeds
Celery seeds
Chamomile seeds
Coriander / Cilantro seeds
Dill seeds
Lavender seeds
Lemon Balm seeds
Lovage seeds
Oregano seeds
Parsley seeds
Peppermint seeds
Saint John's Wort seeds
Savory seeds
Tarragon seeds
Thyme seeds

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