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Located in: Makariopolsko, Targovishte district

4 Tzar Simeon str, Targovishte

Tel: +359 601 64915;+359 601 64766; +359 601 65323

Fax: +359 601 65178

E-mail: agroelit@abv.bg

Website: www.agroelit.net

Grain productionGrain cereals and maizeBarley
Plant GrowingOilseed cropsSunflower
Forage cropsForage wheat
Seeds and planting materialsGrain cereals seeds productionBarley seeds
Maize seeds
Wheat seeds
Livestock breedingAnimal breedingSwine breeding
Oilseed crop seeds productionSunflower seeds
Animal NutritionFeeds and fodderChicken feed
Cow feed
Pig feed


“Agroelit” Targovishte is a company boasting 18 years of traditions and experience in the field of modern and effective production of grain, forage and technical crops.
The firm was founded in 1990, and in 1997 its Manager – Bozhidar Mitov – was awarded the title Agro-Businessman of the Year . We have preserved that excellent tradition to this day staking on the best grain production technologies in the world. Our machine and tractor fleet operates 3 CASE Staiger tractors, 8 harvesters and 17 more smaller tractors produced by the globally familiar makers, supplied with all necessary tractor-driven equipment.
Appropriate production storage is ensured through the newly established grain-elevator with a capacity of 35000 t .

We grow and sell different wheat varieties to be used as stuff for both food-processing industry and forage production. Since 2007, we have been growing a new wheat variety suitable for forage production, and in particular, for bioethanol production.
Our product list also includes oil-bearing sunflower, maize, barley, various legumes

“Agroelit – Select Seeds” Targovishte is an established producer on the seed market with 28 years of experience , specialized in production of planting material for grain, forage and technical crops.
The good company practices were proved by the 2005 Seed-Producer Award received by the company for growing selected Bulgarian seeds on a 10000 decare cultivated land. Building on our seed production experience, we took a further step starting to grow our own hybrid maize variety. Since 2006 we have been developing a successful partnership with PIONEER Company producing their hybrid seed crops in Bulgaria.

Forage production is concentrated in the Forage Production Unit, situated in the village of Makariopolsko, Targovishte District. The Forage Production Unit’s capacity is 10 t /h. This enterprise operates a well-established distribution system of forage supply to the stock-breeders around the district. It produces concentrated and compound forage for cattle, pig and fowl-breeding and for other animal husbandry sectors as well. The enterprise uses bioconcentrates of world renown producers to improve the mineral and vitamin content of its own products.

Targovishte region is characterised by traditionally well developed stock-breeding. Our company is active in stock-breeding activities specialised in pig-breeding and pork production, growing 700 sows of Holland hybrid “Topigs” breed. The aforesaid production involves a whole biological cycle –from suckling-pigs to fattening and the following market realization.

Over 5000 local people have confided their land property to our care , having trust in our experience and professionalism. Currently “Agroelit” is taking on lease 90000 decare land belonging to 18 settlements situated in the districts of Targovishte, Shumen and Razgrad. We owe these achievements of ours to the correct relationships with our landlords and to the agreeable contractual terms we used to offer.
We continue to take on lease and to purchase farming land in the areas, where we cultivate available land striving to increase our work efficiency and to accomplish European standards for ecologically friendly land treatment.

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