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Located in: Sofia, Sofia city district

“Geo Milev”, Bl.3, Akademika, entr A, ap. 112, Sofia 1111

Tel: +359 2 973 38 24

Fax: +359 2 971 31 17

E-mail: prophex@yahoo.com

Website: www.prophex.net

Grain productionGrain cereals and maizeBarley
Plant GrowingOilseed cropsSunflower
Fruit-growing and orchardingApples
Organic / Bio AgricultureOrganic / Bio Animal NutritionOrganic / Bio feeds and fodder


“Prophex” Ltd. was founded in March 1996 as a limited liability company and is entirely a private property with partners Dimitar Georgiev Irinkov, Ilian Borisov Iliev, Konstantin Chavdarov Yaprankov.

The company’s specialization is in trade and manufacture of agricultural production. The main agricultural commodities the company is trading with are: wheat (milling and feed), barley (feed and malting), sunflower seeds (oil and striped), corn, sugar (white and raw), molasses (cane and beet). The average turnover from goods for the company for the last years is around 70 000 – 100 000 tons of wheat equivalent annually.
As stockholders in different companies, the partners of “Prophex” Ltd. own over 100 000 decarees of agricultural land. High quality grain collector, load machine and purifying technology (used for the needs of the store houses).

The company has its own warehouse built in 2001 in the area of four hectares, with a capacity of 36 000 wheat in Kameno, in the region of Bourgas, where the grain is preserved and the laboratory analyses are prepared. A part of the base is given for rent depending on the industrial curriculum of the company for the economic year.

“Prophex” Ltd. owns 75% of the capital of the company “Prophex Hliab” Ltd. – Botevgrad. The basic activity in the company is the production and the make of bread and bakeries.
“Prophex Hliab” Ltd. – Botevgrad owns 100% of the shares of “Prophex Hliab – C” – Samokov, with activity production and the make of bread and bakeries.

“Prophex” Ltd. has 55% from the capital of the company “Prophex Bioproducts” Ltd. – Kameno, with activity manufacture and realization in fodder products, bio ethanol and nutrient alcohol, as well as their respective byproducts.

During 2007 “Prophex Bioproducts” Ltd., begun the building of a company for manufacture of bio ethanol in the industrial region of Gorna Malina, for which they won a certificate third class investor from the Bulgarian Agency for Investors.
The company is put into commission and will start to function in 2009.

The company is in good interaction with the state institutions and is in one of the first places in the register with big taxpayer in the country.

“Prophex” Ltd. is a company that specializes in the agricultural productions. A full member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and registered tradesman for grain.

“Prophex” Ltd. as a corporation and its partners as private people participate of the control in companies manufactures of:

- Agricultural Productions

- Fruit Culture

- Bread Production

- Bio Production

Our strategy is to preserve market share, rise in earnings. With the purpose of doing it, we will keep the good interaction with the main companies operating in the field of trade with agricultural commodities.

Products - Agricultural Production

The main agricultural commodities the company is trading with are:

Wheat (milling and feed)
Barley (feed and malting)
Sunflower seeds (oil and striped)
Sugar (white and raw)
Molasses (cane and beet)

As export merchant "Prophex" Ltd bys the indicated commodities when in case of need.

Send an enquiry and we will be in touch as soon as possible.
"Prophex" Ltd. as shareholder cultivate 10 000 ha land.
The company is owner to a part of the agricultural land.

The main agricultural produces are:
Grain, wheat (milling and feed), barley (malting and feed), sunflower seeds (oil and striped), corn

The main fruit culture produces are:


"Prophex" Ltd. as shareholder cultivate 10 000 ha land.
The company is owner to a part of the agricultural land.

Products - Bio Production

Basic products produced and supplied in Gorna Malina Bio Ethanol plant, owned by "Prophex Bioproducts" Ltd. are:
Bio fuels;
Nutrients and technical alcohol;
Fodder compositions;
Dry Gluten;
Pure alcohol.
Prophex Bioproducts uses wheat and maize as raw materials for alcohol production. The alcohol is fermented by the traditional process, followed by seven distillation and rectification columns, resulting in the pure spirit.
The high grade alcohol has a natural smell and taste, is an appropriate raw material for the Liquor, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries.

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