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AGRORAY AGRORAY              

Located in: Blagoevgrad, Blagoevgrad district

4 Anton Chehov str

Tel: +359 894 36 77 09


Website: www.agroray.com

Plant protectionPesticidesFungicides
Seeds and planting materialsVines and planting materialCabernet Sauvignon vines
Melnik 55 vines
Merlot vines
Misket vines
Pamid vines
Floriculture seeds and planting materials productionFlower seeds
Fruit and orchard seeds and planting materials productionAlmond planting material
Apple planting material
Apricot planting material
Blackberry planting material
Cherry planting material
Common Hazel planting material
Fig planting material
Kiwi planting material
Medlar planting material
Nectarine planting material
Peach planting material
Pear planting material
Persimmon planting material
Plum planting material
Quince planting material
Raspberry planting material
Sour cherry planting material
Vegetable seeds and planting materials productionPepper seeds
Tomato seeds
Herbs and Spices seedsCelery seeds


The nursery offers a wide range of products: vine planting material, fruit and orchard planting material, vegetable seeds and different pesticides for plant protection.

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