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Located in: Sofia, Sofia city district

1, Vaskresenie blvd Bulgaria, 1330 Sofia

Tel: +359 2 920 20 64

Fax: + 359 2 822 13 17

E-mail: agromachina@agromachina.com

Website: www.agromachina.com

AgromachineryAgricultural MachineryAgromachinery parts and accessories
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Chisel plows
Farm Machines
Fertilizer spreaders
Gardening equipment and tools
Grain Machines
Irrigation systems
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Planters / Seed drills
Pumps and pump equipment
Rotary tillers / Shredders
Self-propelled sprayers
Service, repair and maintenance
Spare parts
Telescopic handlers
Vineyards machinery and equipment


Agromachina Ltd. is a leading Bulgarian company in the sphere of trade with agricultural machinery. It is a successor of the state company Agromachinaimpex, established in 1965. In the beginning of 2002 the company was privatized and now is developing as a chain of “ agroparks ” – autonomous branches with certain specializations, according to the conditions in each region. Currently there are five such “agroparks” - in Silistra, Montana, Pazardzhik, Yambol andKardzhali. Agromachina has acquired in 2006 a large site with warehouses in Ruse, the main town in Central Northern Bulgaria, where a new center will be established after 2008. Agromachina extended its network concluding agreements with dealers all over the country.The main activities of AGROMACHINA are:
representation and sale of agricultural machinery of both Bulgarian and foreign manufacturers – tractors,combine harvesters, soil preparation machines: ploughs, harrows, cultivators,seeders, fertilizer spreaders, pumps and other irrigation equipment;
sale of spare parts for agricultural machines;
sale of instruments and accessories for agriculture machines;
repair services for agricultural machines;
trade in fertilizers;
leasing of agricultural machines and equipment;
consulting services in financing,project implementation and investment in agriculture
Represented brands:
Lamborghini and Hurlimann
Lamborghini and Hurlimannare produced by the international company SDF, with factories in Italy,Germany, Poland and elsewhere, together with the other brands of the group –Deutz-Fahr and Same. Lamborghini and Hurlimann produce tractors in power range between 35 and 270 h.p. and the models are more than 50 in 11 ranges according to the h.p. and their applications. The different models could serve practically all needs of grain producers, fruit producers, vine growers, stockbreeders as well as community services.
BELARUS tractors are produced by “Production Association of Minsk Tractor Works” (MTW). Today more than 6 0different models are offered, with more than 100 assembly options to suit requirements of all climates and operating conditions.
CLAAS is an agricultural machinery manufacturer based i nHarsewinkel / Germany. The CLAAS product range includes combine harvesters,forage harvesters and other harvesting machines. It now has configurations to cover 80 threshable crops from cereals to maize (corn), rice, beans,sunflowers, grass and clover. AGROMACHINA distributes CLAAS machines as a dealer of Rapid KB Ltd., importer of CLAAS for Bulgaria.
Kubota is the most famous Japanese brand in the tractor construction. The company is a leader in the production of tractors under 40 h.p. and they offer more than 80 tractor models, intended both for agriculture and for community services, sport centers, hotel complexes and personal usage.
Tortella (Italy) - spaders, rotary cultivators, mulchers, combined machines with pneumatic and mechanic seed drills of the company Fiona(Denmark).
Feraboli (Italy)- variable chamber round balers for the preparation ofbales with hard bale core and fixed chamber balers for the production of softcore bales.
Checci & Magli - Italian company, manufacturer of machinery forvegetable growing as transplanters, bed makers, mulching machines and alsopotato seeders and potato lifters.
Cicoria (Italy)
The company is manufacturer of square balers. The machines are remarkable with their simplicity of mechanic construction, easy service and usage, high performance in smooth and sloping terrains.
Cosmo (Italy)
Cosmo Company has been specialized in the fertilizer spreaders with storage capacity from 165 to 1000l.
Leading German company for ploughs, seed drills, cultivators, sow preparation machinery.
Fiona (Denmark)
Mounted and trailed seed drills.
Mascar (Italy)
Pneumatic seed drills,mowers, round balers, bale wrappers.
Faresin Telehandlers
Leading Italian producer of telescopic handlers.
The Italian company Florida has been specialized in the production of a complete range of sprayers.
The company Spedo is a producer of disc harrows.
Bicchi (Italy)
Manufacturer of agricultural trailers.
Uzel Group (Turkey)
Uzel is one of the biggest producers of agricultural machinery in Turkey. Uzel produces tractors,harvesters, full range of implements.
Aydin Pulluk (Turkey)
Leading Turkish company for ploughs.
Ioannidis Ioannis (Greece)
Potato seeders and potato lifters.
Perla (Bulgaria)
Leading Bulgarian company producing farming machinery - sprayers, cultivators.
Ralomeks (Bulgaria)
The company is the most significant manufacturers of ploughs and disc harrows in Bulgaria.
Agromachina represents in its agroparks all other Bulgarian producers of agromachinery – Agrotehchast,Oruditsa etc.
Bulgaria, 1330 Sofia
1, Vaskresenie blvd
tel: +359 2 920 20 64
fax: + 359 2 822 13 17
e-mail: agromachina@agromachina.com

Presented Companies: 913
Product Collections: 59

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